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when are they going to start selling one direction shot glasses so I can binge-drink my feelings away


They were amazing. Did not disappoint. Would see again.
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Today’s three releases are sure to become staples of the spring/summer wardrobe. Introducing the Juniper and Hudson dresses! These comfortable dresses we have kept easy by pairing them simply with a pair of Sven clogs and Donald J Pliner sandals. We think these are the perfect layering pieces that will add simple beauty to any outfit.

The third release today is one of our absolute favorites for layering, the Coco Kimono. This kimono goes perfectly with either the Juniper or Hudson dresses! Here we have styled it with the Hudson dress and also with the Dylan romper. Franco Sarto sandals, Sven clogs and a beautiful structured necklace by Tiro Tiro.

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~   T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land (via hellanne)
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someone who worked in an office probably

every. freakin. day.

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Belle Fleur de Lis

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